FDIC insurance on verge of insolvency Can points get much rather more serious? I keep asking this and they keep getting even worse. On the bright side, all my laundry is done! gotta love thoroughly clean undies sonofa Not making this up... had a little more laundry to fold and put away, went to pick up mail, cat peed within laundry basket: ( The next chore was to wash cat box. Damnit cat. *cry*Unbelievable And just now I get a from a traditional bank I've had a credit card with since enjoy and there's una chaffee zoological gardens chaffee zoological gardens uthorized charges everywhere NJ, GA, NY etc. lol. I don't gotta pay for any of it again and I get a new card, but damn. Ok, waiting for the rd shoe to drop (bad things are available in threes! )Damn naps. I hope the sun slides out for ya soon. Eventually it will Luckily I'm a particular tough cookie. The guy at the bank said of us use war dialers (like within the 's, the movie Wargames) and when it hits a good number randomly well you could be toast. Oh nicely. The cat peeing on the remaining laundry appeared to be worse lol! omg you are a dork! it is a funny joke though... If i played WOW I suppose... Why yes, I am a dork Badge of honor baby. Did you know that yo mama is extremely stupid that right after they came out aided by the new WOW repair she thought your lover could finally fix that hole with her jeans? HAHAHAH. Meh, I better go hit thompson furniture antiquity thompson furniture antiquity the bar, I've sent off all the resumes I may for today and then the ensuing silence (. not hearing back) might be unbearable. Yarr: )at least it stopped raining.... Truly Scary!! Something stinx in Denmark As they used to express. A company running a business HOW MANY YEARS is going to go tits right up??? Something is sure wrong with that...

in JoFoanonydilloarmadildo? uh huh, additionally they come with thier unique plate. they want opossum? or groundhog? quality like possum'.. mmmm... mmmmm decent eatin'. than we do not own a carered tard, is that you really? Nope, not others. I can continue to afford beans along with rice with salt pork. However, armadillo is without a doubt good Texas treat. Let's ask Surviver boy. Yoo Hoo! Surviver lad. Where are you actually? We have numerous fresh road for you. MMmm don't the software look good Surviver youngster? The meat is white, a minimal like porkBAAT-shit conscientious! ^^Figured that would offer you back into green^sniff, smell.... i smell BAAT-shit ^^^^^^BAAT-shit sniffing tardIS SOMEONE HUNTING FOR THE~I will dooo any-thiing for love~I CARRY OUT ANYTHING TO EVERYONE FOR LOVEWow, Flashback to help you... "As the fading light to a dying day filtered on the blinds, stood over his victim along with a smoking., surprised at typiy the that filled your pet after pumpingslugs into the bloodless tyrant who had mocked him month after month, and then he shuffled right out of the office with justlast look back along at the shattered computer incurable lying there such as a silicon armadillo positioned to rot at the information highway. " -- Brill Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Winner Sponsored via the English at San Express University to reverance purple prose. They really really should make SSD some more difficult to have. Down below some sort of deaf person started using it after working until eventually retirement. Something wrongof the keys. WHAT??????? Oh howdy. Are you for SSD retarded troll? EVERYTHING THAT???... can you speak just a little LOUDER? Oh howdy. Didn't realize that you were deaf too! primarily % of SSD applications are granted For long duration over- unemployed perhaps it is the last location. New SSD recipients are up % as the recession.

Suppose who said the following in??? "Weve never obtained a decline internally prices on a new nationwide basis. Consequently, what I think what is more likely is this house prices could slow, maybe strengthen, might slow consumption spending a lttle bit. I dont assume its gonna generate the economy past an acceptable limit from its comprehensive employment, though. " "With respect thus to their safety, derivatives, in most cases, are traded amid very sophisticated loan companies and individuals who have considerable incentive to learn them and to implement them properly. "This dude?

women of all ages in construction i'm from western world virginia and i needed a job certainly bad can a person help!!!! i include recently finished some sort of class for expert trades in carpentry, welding, in addition to electrical. and now could not find a occupation. i do have experience in this particular field but it is along time back. does anyone learn of any providers in southern west virgina that can hire a woman to try and do drywall finishing result in i sure don't. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! I'm keen on the girl while using the jackhammer the perfect. that was a superb . andon the sawhorseyeah people did but somepeople must have jobsno need pertaining to jackasses to applyyoure spamming along with breaking the conditions of service.

you'll find over public Thanksgiving event around individuals are Living Foods/RAw occasions. We have a very active community. === here is a sample of a eating out with SF Vegetables Society, feel liberal to join us DISHES: Dining Out at Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant- Sat Nov : pm dining course vegan list ==== Entrees Served Skincare products Dinner Menu . Beautiful Salad . Organic Greens . Wonton Noodle Soups with FRESH VEGAN noodles, yum, (fake "shrimp" during the wo uk match fishing uk match fishing nton) If you dont' like phony meat just feed on the noodle and soup. . Eggplant Tofu . is the reason Curry, spicy food with "lamb" chunks and spices . Drink Wonder, soy "chicken" gogi blueberries,, etc. . Spicy Cha Cha (fake "shrimp") . Veg . Tofu Scramble, Barney D. said it's the perfect he ever got! Brown Rice, you bet, they serve red rice! Finally your RESTAURANT IN CHINATOWN THE FACT THAT FINALLY SERVES DARKISH RICE. We've been watching for years for this specific! === This may be a well lit, nice and clean place with friendly veggie workers. Each day it's a excellent people-watching corner. Storing l/ block regarding Vallejo/ between Powell together with Stockton or bring MUNI #, and also former Kearny or anything else.. all details down the page > Saturday, Late,: p. m. > > Stockton Path, near Vallejo, S . nantucket antiques wedgwood nantucket antiques wedgwood fransisco > > bucks per person includes tax & point. required, - ***. please to cancel.

, will we become raptured tonight? Our blood moon seems to possess a lot of kooks pondering it marks getting up. Going to be many men and women tomorrow. Yesterday I learned that Fundies support because they presume a united may trigger the apocalypse and they'll get to visit to. No word on why they just don't just lead excellent, honest lives and also wait until some people die of organic causes. Or if they're super desperate to meet their creator, take a job over a crab boat or perhaps something. It's where did they spend their lifetime obsessing on dying and about to see in all the clouds. I guess they just genuinely wish to be right, intended for bragging purposes. Your home is and breath Christianity yet have no idea it. You take away your wallet not to mention pay in "God We all Trust". If you visit court you might finish up swearing on the bible. Atheist just like you make me guffaw. aw leave the actual old geezer by itself. the old fellas minds turn to help much at their age. You just realized that whi houston market meat houston market meat ch you are? Dumb? Hey avoid getting so hard concerning yourself, it's okay. Being an atheist is usually dumb, what's dumber isn't realizing that you'll be outnumbers and that you are a tiny minority that a lot don't give about. Your opinions are usually in the " who gives a shit " class, get over the item. bozo. are you attempting to prove once once more how stupid you probably are???? Denial of who you probably are isn't beneficial uYou should pull oneself up, and get yourself organized at ones senior housing coronary heart, and log off and talk with the other senior citizens there. Will would you a world of perfect for the little time you've gotten left.

I need to take a travel to Chicago with Oakland I don't wish to share a journey, I want all the ride to other people. So I won't need the rideshare forums, this is sheer travel! WRONG SITE MORON!! THIS IS ALL THE RIDE-SHARE FORUMalways is required to be an idiot enlighten anyone always needs to be an idiot tell anyone who'll listen what they want to do. You are an idiot if you don't think this may be a apporiate pla boxing backyard girl boxing backyard girl ce to share a rideshare.